Audio Visual communication solutions for seamless and effective


I offer technical facilitation which will activate, inspire and motivate your conference’s audience.
Let’s create an environment which will allow your audience to be completely engaged by your speakers’ stories.
My services for event means , that your lighting, sound, video, IT, rigging and stage needs can all be taken care here.


Make your event available online

Think of all the advantages an online event can offer. Audience members and speakers from all over the world can participate without having to travel. You can increase the capacity of your conference or business event by adding an online platform.


Illuminating ideas deserve the best lighting

At a conference, you want the spotlights to be on your speakers. This may sound simply, but there is a lot to think about. Things like shadows, colour temperature, light reflection on video screens, brightness, atmosphere creation- the list goes on. That’s why we make a lighting plan for every conference. Lighting is always an integral part of every conference.



often an underestimated part of a conference.
Sharp and clear sound ensures a longer attention span and better recording capacity of the visitors. Sound is an important factor in the quality and experience of the event.
The choice of the right type of microphone, the position and placement of the sound system and the skills of the sound engineer ensure optimum sound reproduction.
At each conference, congress or business meeting, we carefully discuss the number of speakers and the type of microphone that we will use.
This way you always know what to expect and we can guarantee excellent sound.


LED or projector screen

Video is an elementary part of conferences and business events. Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, company videos, video calls, camera feeds and other video content. Everything needs to be in high quality and seamlessly broadcast.


Information technology for conveying the message.

Solid IT department which prioritises innovation and development. Business events such as conferences and conventions always need additional IT support. I will make sure that the IT is a perfect fit with your needs.


the basis of your event

it’s important that the stage is top quality. Stages have long evolved from a simple rectangular object. There is so much more possible. Shape, height(s), colour and finish. Everything can be adjusted and will contribute to the optimal audience experience. By changing the appearance of your stage according to the atmosphere of the conference, you can create a synergetic image which will only further improve the quality of your event.

An international standard with local expertise!

Think global, act local

Conferences, conventions and other corporate event have international character by nature.
Guests and speakers from all over the world and the topics discussed are of a global level. As audiovisual partner for this type of event, we do everything we can to ensure that our products and services are fully aligned with this international environment.
Do you want to experience our international mindset yourself at your next business event? Do not hesitate to contact me.


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