Adds ambiance to a venue by adding
splashes of colorful light to the walls. This is a great way to set the mood or transform a room. Each uptight covers the wall with color from floor to ceiling

Dancing on Clouds

The first dance is an immensely special moment and is much anticipated by your guests. Create a breathtakingly beautiful scene with the bride and groom dancing together for the first time as husband and wife with a little bit of magic thrown in.
Your dance floor will be transformed instantly with a beautiful sea of cloud

Live Music

Sound system, stage lighting, power generator, stage, the capacity to
play background music or DJ, back-ups for any equipment that could
malfunction, PLI and PAT certificates

Live Streaming

Stream your wedding ceremony and more, no matter the scale or location.
We produces high-quality video for weddings.

  • Professional Videographer
  • Multi Cameras
  • Custom Event Webpage
  • 1080p HD Quality