Audio & Video Streaming

Live streaming platform for both audio and video based on leading content hosting and delivery networks and large-scale distributed
real-time transcoding technology. We provides high-definition and uninterrupted live audio and video services that are convenient and accessible, with low latency and high concurrency.

Low Latency

At the same freezing rate, the latency of Flash Video (FLV) streaming is about seven seconds, whereas RTS is only about two seconds, which is a 70% reduction.

Global Coverage

We has more than 3 nodes distributed in more than 3 countries and regions, covering six continents.

Multi-Client Support

We supports multiple platforms, multi-client video recording and playback SDKs. Enabled by cloud synchronization technology, our platform supports synchronous playback on multiple clients.

Radio Hosting

320 Kbps

45,00/ month
  • 10 GB storge
  • 400 Listeners

Online & Hybrid Events

Business events, such as conferences, seminars and fairs are taking place entirely or partly online more than ever. 
Livestream and hybrid events create barrier-free engagement like no other. 
In our one-stop-shop you are not only at the right address for audio, lighting and video. 
We are also your audiovisual partner for all your online webinars, workshops and podcasts. 
With adequate knowledge and expertise, we also guide all your online events to more resounding successes.


There are plenty of solutions for streaming your event these days, but which platform is right for you? This completely depends on the possibilities you want to give the audience. Is the broadcast one-way or does the audience have options to respond via chat, Q&A or polls? 
You use well-known platforms or do you opt for a custom solution?


It is of course not necessary that everything is necessarily live. You will be surprised how often videos that have already been recorded are used. In the end, the audience will not notice this and it will only benefit the broadcast. That is why you have come to the right place for video recordings. Interview, talk show or presentation in front of a green screen? It is all possible and you can read about the possibilities here.

Green Screen

Do you want the audience to believe that you are presenting in the middle of New York or have traveled all the way to Sydney for an interview. It is possible by using a green screen. By means of smart software we can replace the green background with absolutely anything. Do you want to know more about this technique or see if a green screen suits your recording or live stream? Then read on quickly.